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Information on everything wedding – venues, vendors, dresses, flowers, cakes and decor. Learn what works and sometimes what doesn’t. Tips and trick to create the best wedding for your budget. What makes for great wedding photography, how to avoid a stressful wedding day and how to choose the right dress are a few of the topics we will be covering.

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Best Month for a Wedding in Oklahoma

As the saying goes, if you don't like the weather in Oklahoma just wait 10 minutes. It is an unfortunate truth that planning outdoor activities more than 5 days in advance is difficult in this part of the country, so selecting that perfect date a year in advance takes a bit of research. I have…
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Hard Rock Casino and Hotel Wedding

Things to love about this venue If you are considering a Hard Rock Casino and Hotel wedding, there is a lot to like about this location as a venue. First off, you have everything you need in one spot: ceremony, reception, guest rooms, food, entertainment and after-hours options. Your wedding guests have no need to…
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Rust and Lace

[mp_row stretch="fixed"] [mp_span col="12"] Location When looking for a Tulsa wedding location, several things may impact your decision. Ease of access, distance from the city, look of the venue, features and cost. As a wedding photographer I am mostly concerned with the visual impact of a venue. Recently I had the pleasure of photographing Justin…
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Wedding on a budget

[mp_row stretch="fixed"] [mp_span col="12"] Planning a Wedding on a Budget? Weddings are expensive, but there is no need to break the bank. You can have a beautiful wedding on a budget if you make the right choices. Many people mistakenly think that vendors inflate pricing just because the word "wedding" is used. (more…)
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