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Information on everything wedding – venues, vendors, dresses, flowers, cakes and decor. Learn what works and sometimes what doesn’t. Tips and trick to create the best wedding for your budget. What makes for great wedding photography, how to avoid a stressful wedding day and how to choose the right dress are a few of the topics we will be covering.

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How to choose a wedding photographer

[mp_row stretch="fixed"] [mp_span col="12"] A great wedding photographer makes all the difference - By the time it comes to choosing your wedding photographer, you have already invested many hours into the planning of your perfect wedding. That time investment will continue to grow as the date gets nearer. It only stands to reason that you want quality…
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The Mansion at Woodward Park

Tulsa Wedding Photos at David R. Travis Mansion Tulsa wedding venue - [mp_row stretch="fixed"] [mp_span col="12" margin="10,none"] The Travis Mansion, otherwise known as the Mansion at Woodward Park is one of Tulsa's historic buildings as well as a popular wedding venue. More than 100 years ago, David R. Travis, a Russian immigrant came to Tulsa…
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What is the busiest wedding month in San Diego?

A Blissful Event[mp_row stretch="fixed"] [mp_span col="12"] Planning an off-season wedding - Ok so this is semi unscientific data as it is taken from only one source (me), but it does represent an average over the past 7 years so there is some valuable information contained. The following graph shows the busiest wedding months (more…)
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