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How to prepare for your wedding photography

Most couples start planning a wedding a year or more in advance and great tulsa wedding photography starts with those very early decisions. Choosing a venue that lends itself to great photos is the first step to getting the most out of your wedding photography. You are looking for a venue that has a variety of vignettes that make for great backgrounds. Those can be; vegetation, interesting architectural elements, large nondescript areas of color (like a red or blue wall), interesting textured surfaces and places with elevation (like hills or steps). The more interesting the venue, the less you will need to decorate. It is important to decide what images are important to you and your fiancee making sure to budget time for creation of those images. Couples underestimate how quickly the day goes by and in how many different directions they are pulled. Surprisingly, you will have little or no time alone on your wedding day. So be sure budget time for romantic photos of just the two of you, otherwise you may regret missing the opportunity.

Hiring a good wedding coordinator may also make for better photos. The reduction in stress on the wedding day can show in your photos. Do you have someone to take care of all those last minute details? Will you be calm and relaxed or will you be stressed about missing engraved napkins or cellist that can't find the church?

Second thing you can do is choose the right wedding clothes. Don't underestimate the time you will be in a dress, suit or shoes. Mobility and your longevity should be consider along with what will be flattering on your body type. Given that dark colors are slimming and light colors add weight in photos, the bride is already at a disadvantage based on tradition so selecting a dress that can minimize or maximize your body as needed is very helpful. Often a lace up dress has more structure than a zip up style as well there is more room for fluctuation if your target size is different from your current size.

1-6 months before the wedding, its time for an engagement session. The engagement session provides a chance for you to get comfortable in front of the camera and it lets me get a sense for what you are like as a couple. How you move and interact with each other as well as what type of images you like. A wedding with no engagement session is like baking without preheating the oven.

One week before the wedding, avoid changing hair color or tanning (spray or outdoor). Avoid changing cosmetics or skin treatments.

A few days before the wedding, time to start drinking lots of water (helps keep the skin looking its best). For rental items, be sure to check the bags for all needed parts (pants, ties, cufflinks, etc.).

Day before the wedding, as you check into your hotel (assuming that is where you will be getting ready), treat the room like you will have company. You may not be able to control what that room looks like, but do your best not to trash it. Make the bed, put trash in the trash can and use the closet and drawers for your clothes. For the bride, you will want to have your make-up and hair last. The tendency is for the bride to be the final person in line, but this can create an issue. If any of the ladies before you have problems, you may be rushed or run late. My recommendation is for the bride to be second to last, ensuring there is ample time for the stylists. Lastly, do your best to get a good nights sleep.

Wedding day, try to avoid driving. Have someone drive you if possible. Your mind will not be on the road and your risk of being in a accident increases. Remember to eat (protein is good because it lasts longer), stay hydrated and relax. Assuming you have hired the right team of people your wedding day will be a smooth fun filled day.

Remember, a great wedding is made from the sum of its parts. Choosing wedding professionals that share your vision is crucial to having the wedding of your dreams.
If you need referrals for any one, be sure to check my list. I see people week after week and this is a very small list of the most consistently great professionals.

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