Wedding on a budget

Planning a Wedding on a Budget? Weddings are expensive, but there is no need to break the bank. You can have a beautiful wedding on a budget if you make the right choices. Many people mistakenly think that vendors inflate pricing just because the word "wedding" is used. (more…)
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Looks Good Enough to Eat

Creating¬†Mouthwatering Images Making great tasting food look amazing requires dynamic food photography. As a chef you use the best ingredients, prepared with skill and love, combined artistic plating to create a feast for the senses. As a photographer I focus on the visual appeal of your masterpiece. I work with exposure, color, and composition to…
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Family Photos – When to Take Them

There are many variables to consider when scheduling family photos. Availability of the group, potential weather and time of year are all considerations. The larger the group, the harder it may be to schedule. For large groups, schedule well in advance. (more…)
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How to choose a wedding photographer

A great wedding photographer makes all the difference - By the time it comes to choosing your wedding photographer, you have already invested many hours into the planning of your perfect wedding. That time investment will continue to grow as the date gets nearer. It only stands to reason that you want quality images of all the little…
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