Family Photos – When to Take Them

There are many variables to consider when scheduling family photos. Availability of the group, potential weather and time of year are all considerations. The larger the group, the harder it may be to schedule. For large groups, schedule well in advance.

If you have a large family, it is often easiest to schedule around a holiday when everyone will be together. The downside is, session dates around holidays tend to fill up early. The weeks around Thanksgiving and Christmas are the most popular and usually book up first,whereas summer holidays like the 4th of July or Memorial Day are less in demand.

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For indoor sessions (location or studio), time of day and time of year is less important since we can control the light and temperature.

For outdoor sessions, time of day and time of year are considerations. Typically we will start an outdoor session an hour or so before sunset. This makes winter sessions starting at 3 or 4 pm where a summer session may not start until 7 pm or later. This is important if you are trying to schedule a session on a work or school day.

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What you wear also impacts when you should book. Sweaters and coats are not great for August nor would a sundress be good plan in January. Sessions using locations with stable weather may be booked months in advance. For locations where weather is unpredictable, we reserve the time, but pin down only when an accurate weather forecast is available. If the group has limited time together, we may decide to book as a studio session but change to outdoors if the weather cooperates. As far as the look of the session, each season has it's own beauty and time of year can be selected to create a specific color pallet. If your home is decorated in tans and neutral colors, a winter or fall session will create images that will go well with your decor. If you select bright or bold colors, a summer or spring session would be recommended.

Vanity often causes us to put off taking photos because everything isn't as you wish. In other words maybe you have been waiting for family photos because you want to lose a few pounds. You can always schedule a new session once those pounds are gone (making the current photo your "before"). And if things go the other way, you will look back on how skinny you were.

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So when is the best time to take family photos? The simple answer is right now. That may seem like a self-serving answer given I am a photographer but, the unfortunate truth is we don't know what tomorrow will bring. You may be slimmer, you may not. Your family may grow or it may shrink. The only thing we know is you will be older tomorrow than you are today and the thing you can't get back is the time. If your family is special to you, make those memories now. You will thank yourself in the future.


How much does a family photography session cost?

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