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Tulsa Portrait Photography
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What is Portrait Photography?

Portrait photography is intended for Personal use only. For images intended for publication, use the Commercial Photography pricing guide

Many people think of portrait photography as that photo from grade school or the studio in the mall. Actually, good portrait photography is so much more. Unlike the portraits you may have done in the past, our sessions are painless (as much as possible). In fact, most actually have a great time. Should you choose an indoor or outdoor session, the pace is lively and the time will seem to fly by.

Our goal is to be able to show the best version of the real you. Some of that comes from an expert use of lighting technique, some from the interaction between the client and photographer. The last part of incredible photography is professional retouching. Not every client needs or requests that "magazine look" but if you do, we can accommodate that desire. No need to stress about that unfortunate blemish or little extra around the middle. The art of retouching comes in maintaining reality while eliminating minor distractions or imperfections. Properly done, you will find it will look like you, but the best version.

If you are a past Resolusean wedding client, you receive 50% off session fees for all portrait photography sessions

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