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The best time to schedule your senior photo session is before mid march. Most schools will need senior photos submitted by then to make it into the yearbook. Because of the busy schedule of school and other activities, many students decide to have senior portraits done at the end of summer before their senior year. You will want to check with your school to find the deadline for submitting photos. Also, be aware of any specific rules your yearbook may have for your photos.

Senior photo sessions may be done in studio or on-location (indoor or out). Sessions may be scheduled from one to six hours in duration. One or two hours is good for most sessions but longer sessions may be required for complex composited images, multiple outfits or storylines.

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What makes for a great senior photo?

Many things go into creating lasting memories from your senior photos. Some of those are things I do like posing and lighting and some are things that you do like bringing your fun side and expressing yourself. The best sessions include not only the person you are but also the person you will one day become. This time in your life is one of transition and growth. On one side capturing the playfulness of a kid and on the other, the mature adult you are becoming. One of the ways we see these different parts is with the clothes you select.

All senior photography sessions should include at least one casual outfit and one more dressy option. For those that have hobbies or are involved in clubs or sports, this is a great time to incorporate those parts of your life. Things that involve uniforms like football or cheer make for a interesting part of your story. For things that are hobbies, we may select a location that helps tell that story. For example, if you are into horses, a ranch, stable or rodeo arena would be a good setting. If your hobby is music we might incorporate your musical instrument.

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Senior photography pricing



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