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Baby Photography, When is the Best Time?


Between the endless preparation for the new arrival and the sleepless nights that accompany your newborn, you may feel like this time will never end. Most parents will tell you, this time passes in the blink of an eye. Because you will never be able to get this time back, it is important to document these moments while they are happening. Here is a basic guide as to when you should be taking photos.


That weekly selfie in the mirror is always a fun thing to mark the progress of your growing baby, but be sure to select a location that has good (and consistent) lighting. As for professional photos, scheduling a session near the beginning of the final trimester is best. You want the belly to show but you don't want the water weight and general bloated feeling that hits towards the end of the pregnancy.

Maternity Photo OutsideOutdoor Maternity Photomaternity photo at the beach


Some people want to document everything and plan for photos of the birth. These can be quite moving photojournalistic moments but more commonly, parents opt for newborn portraits. These are best done 7-14 days after the birth, giving time for some of the skin pigment issues to normalize but before the "baby acne" hits (yes, most babies get a round of pimples about 2 weeks after birth).

Newborn with motherNewborn ballerinaNewborn baby girl photo

Sitting up

Most babies will be able to sit up around 4-7 months. This is when we start to see the personality. They are engaged with their surroundings and react to what is going on around them.

Sitting baby outdoor photobaby looking in mirrorhappy baby photo

Standing up

The next milestone comes in the 9-12 month range, standing quickly turns to walking so these are the last still photos you will be getting for a year or so.

baby holding stuffed bearbaby in chairtwin babies in park

First birthday

Many people like to do a "smash the cake" session. The little ones either love or hate getting cake on their hands. It really just depends on the child.

baby eating cakepunkrock babyoutdoor family photo

After the first year

Once your baby has passed the first birthday, professional photos can be scaled back to once a year or so. Having a yearly session creates a wonderful history you can treasure for years to come. Remember, today your children are as young as they will ever be again... don't let those memories fade away.

brother and sisterfamily photo in colorgirl with pony

Lastly, remember that every baby is different. Your baby may hit milestones sooner or later so it is important to watch for those special times and save those memories.
Here is a link for what to expect as your baby grows

Clients may book individual sessions or "Baby's First Year" package that includes:
Maternity Session
Newborn Session
4-6 Month Session (baby sitting up on its own)
9 Month Session (baby standing on its own)
1st Birthday Session
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