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Headshot uses:

• Executive Portraits
• Business Owners
• Sales or Marketing Professionals
• Real Estate Professionals
• Key Staff Positions
• Professional Organizations
• Entertainment Professionals
• Actors
• Dating Profiles
• Social Media 

Photo of judge Bill LaFortune

The saying goes "people do business with people they know." In the age of social media and digital marketing, that is true more than ever. So, how do you effectively reach someone that doesn't know you? The first way is to be a genuine person. In your messaging and marketing, strive for a voice that is true to who you are. Second, and no less important, is to have a headshot or executive portrait that reflects that message and marketing.

What a portrait or headshot says about you is the first impression many people will have, and often the thing that makes them decide to call or not call you. Are you friendly and approachable or are you a little intimidating? Are you light-hearted or serious? Causal or formal? Many things go into crafting an image that becomes your avatar. The first question, is how and where will the images be used. Will it be a thumbnail on LinkedIn or will it be a billboard (or something in between)? Do we need to avoid distractions and use a plain background or will this be an environmental portrait showing context? Will we use blues and greens to inspire trust or reds to show your action and passion?

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