How to Prepare – Senior Photography

Know Your Goal

Senior photography sessions are most productive when we have an idea of how and where the photos will be used. Will photos be used for graduation announcements or the yearbook? Will you want large prints or an album? Although it isn’t a requirement, you may want to think about spaces in your home that would be good locations to show off your wonderful portraits. Knowing what spaces a photo might hang will help us construct a session to give you the best options for display.

Senior Portrait Basics

Sessions can be scheduled from one to four hours in length and may involve multiple outfits or locations. No matter the session length, the key to a great session is expressing yourself. A session may incorporate several looks or dimensions of your personality. The wardrobe selection for a senior session can be stylistic, if you have a hobby, this is a great time to show those passions. Props are also a great element to consider for a session, from a skateboard to an electric guitar, those elements help tell your story.

Outdoor Sessions

Weather is unpredictable, it is a good idea to have a coat or sweater available for cool weather sessions. For summer sessions, don't forget water, sunscreen and bug spray. If you have long hair, bring hair spray or some other holding product in case of wind. Wearing sexy but hard-to-walk-in shoes? Bring a pair of comfortable shoes for when we are moving. Consider a snack before your session so you aren’t low on energy. Most of all bring your fun playful side. We will do whatever sparks our collective creative minds so there is an element of adventure in each session.

What to Wear (and what not to)

Avoid florescent colors!

Most senior sessions will need at least two outfits, typically one that is dressy and one that is more casual. Dress in clothes that are comfortable and allow movement, we will be walking. Choose outfits appropriate for the location. If we have scheduled a beach or lake session, bring a change of clothes, towel and water as you will likely get sandy and possibly wet. Avoid busy patterns or big logos. Bring touch-up make-up and hair product.

Prior to your session, feel free to send photos of your outfits and we will help select the best look for you. If in doubt of what to wear, bring several outfits to choose from. In choosing outfits for a session it is important to tell a story about yourself. What are your interests, what is your sense of style? Are you in FFA, on the cheer squad or the drummer in a punk band? Any club or group affiliations may be part of the story you want to tell.

If you are heavier than you like, be cautious of specific cuts of clothing like the empire waist. White clothing can add 10-20lbs where as black is slimming. Although we will be posing and lighting you to look your best, clothing choices can help to give you the results you want. If you’re skinny and want to look bigger, wear light colors. Pay attention to your fingernails (and toes if you plan on wearing open toed shoes).

Retouching and body sculpting available

Ballet dancer