How to Prepare – Event

Tulsa event photography may be for personal use like a birthday or retirement party or commercial use like an awards banquet or conference. Event photography is largely candid in nature although there may be some portions that are posed. Posed or candid, every successful event has a few common elements.

  1. Timeline - a timeline makes for a good framework for knowing what to expect and when. Timelines allow the photographers to be in the right place at the right time.
  2. Objectives - a predefined set of objectives can also be helpful. When and how will the images be used? Are their specific elements that must be photographed?  Who are the key people to be included?
  3. On-site Contact - having someone that knows the event details and guests is also helpful for events of a more fluid nature.

Terms used for event photography

"Candid coverage" - these are photos of your guests acting natural with no instruction from the photographer. The subjects are not camera aware (not looking at the camera) rather they are interacting with other guests or engaged with event. Candid coverage is good for capturing the feel and look of the event but may not be the best for specific use like publication in a newsletter.

"Grin and grab" or "table shots" - these are done while moving around the venue. People are instructed to "get together for a photo" often in groups of 2-6 people. They will be looking at the camera and usually smiling for these posed photos

"Step and repeat" - think red carpet photos. The photographer sets up in a specific location and guests pass through the photo area to enter the event. Often the entrance photos will have a background with event sponsor logos or a themed vignette as a backdrop or set. These type of photos are best if the flow of guests causes them to pass through the step and repeat area rather than locating the photos off to the side or in the back where people would have to make a special trip to have their photo taken.

"On-site portrait studio" -  similar to the step and repeat but would not have the goal of photographing every guest. Rather used for special attendees or groups of people. This area would often be located off to the side or away from the main action. For best results, time should be allowed to move the needed guests for photos. These photos are excellent for newsletters or general publication.


Cost for event photography