How to Prepare – Commercial

Tulsa commercial photography

Prepare a list of needed images to maximize your time. Consider input from other departments. If the web team needs a specific image to be horizontal and marketing needs another to have extra space for text, that information is helpful.

Great marketing appeals to a client's emotions. Subtle details impact your message, both positively and negatively. Will we be able to see under desks or equipment? If so, the cords and wires should be neat. Are there stacks of paper in your work area? Is that the message you wish to communicate? Address distracting elements prior to your session. Items eliminated with post production editing add cost. Assume everything will show.

Session Types

For executive portraits, budget 30 - 60 min per executive. Avoid busy patterns like herringbone (use of the images in a digital manner could cause an undesirable moire on computer monitors).

For employees, consider the marketing message you are trying to deliver. What should the images say about your business? Is your staff young and energetic, experienced and trustworthy? Marketing messages are communicated not only with the style we photograph but also by the employees you select to represent your business. Insure clothes are clean and pressed. Select people that are well groomed with great smiles. These things impact your overall look and message. Also, it is a good practice to have all employees sign a model release. If it is not part of your initial hire paperwork a separate release should be secured prior to your session date.

If the session is for product photography, it is important to have perfect product. Labeling and packaging should be pristine. You may want to have several samples available to choose from.

If your session will be using your facilities as a set or background for photography, please consider how that environment will look. Clutter or an overflowing trash can, it all paints a picture of what it is like to do business with your company.

tulsa commercial photography

Cost for session