How to Prepare – Album

Your wedding album will be a treasured memory from your wedding day but to get the best book possible there are a few things to consider.


Think of your wedding album as a graphic novel. The story is told with a series of photos. In order to be a compelling story, you will need a beginning, a middle and an end. If you know you want an album, select a package that covers from the "getting ready" to the last scheduled event of the day. After the wedding day, the bride and groom will select the photos to be included in the album. Most of the images selected will show people, but a good wedding album also includes scene setters. For example, a photo of the rings or wedding clothes is a great way to start the story.

Select Images of guests with thought. If you add a photo of everyone that attended your wedding, you will have little space for bride and groom. Select those guests that are the most special and most likely to be in your lives many years after the wedding.


Depending on the type of album selected in the wedding package, couples may be choosing from hundreds of options for their wedding album cover. Materials range from traditional fabric and leather to more exotic choices like metal or wood. Cover options include engraved names, photos and inset embellishments.

Format / Design

Album format may be square, horizontal or vertical with sizes ranging from 8" to 16". Remember, when the album is open that size will double so a 16" wide book is nearly 3 foot wide. Albums are hard cover with ridged pages. Images are full page showing from one to 9 images per page. When selecting the number of pages for your album, a general rule is 2-3 images per page so a 20 page book would hold from 40-60 photographs. The fewer images per page, the larger those images will be and the more impact they will have.

Album type

Resolusean offers flush mount wedding albums, parent albums and coffee table books. Standard wedding albums are designed and built in Italy. Deluxe albums are designed by Resolusean and handmade in the USA or Italy (depending on options selected).

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