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By the time your wedding day arrives, you have invested many hours into the planning of your perfect day. Having made hundreds of decisions about your wedding, it makes sense that you want quality images of all the little details, as well as the big ones. The hard part about selecting the right photographer is getting a look you like and keeping it within your budget.

With a little poking around on the internet it will soon be clear that there are a wide range of styles, services and costs. If you are going to be true to your pocketbook, look at photographers that fall into your price range. From that selection, find a look you love. Remember, a photographer is going to show his or her best work, so you will see images from many different weddings. Most people can manage one or two great shots per wedding, so be sure to look at a few complete weddings before you make that final decision. Lastly (and most importantly), is to find a photographer who meshes with your personality and style. Choosing a photographer who makes you feel at ease in front of the camera is the key to getting great images as well as having a fun, relaxed wedding day.

What does it cost?

To help you make an informed decision I have included a wedding package pricing tool on this site. This allows you to add time and product while the cost calculates in real time. Use the tool to design your ideal package and control your cost at the same time (a hint on using the tool - discounts apply as the total grows so sometimes you save cost by adding more items... don't be afraid to play around with the options).

When it comes to your wedding day there is no substitute for experience. If Resolusean is a fit for your wedding day, then you are going to have a great time and get amazing photos. If we are not the best fit, be sure to choose a photographer that is a professional... you don't want regrets from your wedding day.

Wedding Photography Costs

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Engagement photography

The engagement session has several purposes. Traditionally these images would have been used in the announcement of the couples engagement. Today, couples use the images for "save the date" cards, a guest signature book, or a print to be displayed at the wedding reception. There is however, a more important reason to take engagement photos. That is simply, it makes the wedding photos better. Consider it a dry run for photography. Most brides have a trial run with hair and makeup. You would never consider buying your wedding dress (or suit) with out trying it on. The same holds true for photography. Having a chance to be in front of the camera before the wedding day reduces stress on the wedding day. The more comfortable you are in front of the camera the better your wedding photos will be.

Most couples schedule engagement photography as part of a wedding package. This offers the greatest value because the files are included along with the contracted wedding files.

For engagement photography not included in a wedding package, choose portrait photography for personal use

Portrait Photography Costs (without wedding coverage)