How to Prepare – Portrait

How to prepare for your photo session

Avoid florescent colors if at all possible.

Outdoor sessions of any type – Weather is unpredictable, it is a good idea to have a coat or sweater available for sessions. Ladies, bring hair spray or some other holding product in case of wind. If you are wearing sexy but hard-to-walk-in shoes, bring a pair that is comfortable for when we are moving. Consider a lite snack before your session so you aren’t low on energy. Most of all bring your fun playful side. Sessions with Resolusean are really quite enjoyable. We will do whatever sparks our collective creative minds so there is an element of adventure but most of all it should be a painless and enjoyable process (even for people that hate to have their photo taken).

Portrait sessions are most productive when we have an idea of how and where the photos will be displayed. Although it isn’t a requirement, you may want to think about spaces in your home or office that would be good locations to show off your wonderful portraits. Knowing what spaces a photo might hang will help me construct a session to give you the best options for great images that complement the room. I can also help you choose the size of image that will look best by showing you different sizes in a virtual rendition. There is no cost for this service, but clients must let me know they are interested prior to the premiere viewing. For those that know they would like help (or those that want the custom designed session), it is best to send photos of the areas in which the art will be displayed. To document the space, the photo should be wide enough to show the surrounding area. For example, if you are thinking a piece would hang over the sofa, step back far enough to include the wall, sofa, and a bit of the floor and ceiling. Additionally, if you tape a sheet of paper (standard letter size) to the area where you would like the art to hang and include that in the photo, I can give you exact sizes needed to fit the area. The photos may be from a camera or phone and should be emailed to me:

Family portraits - Although I usually don’t like matching outfits, family portraits are one place it can work. I do caution that white shirts and jeans both adds visual weight to you and may be a bit cliche. The best option is to choose colors that are in a similar color family, i.e. the group is dressed in blues or earth tones. Avoid busy patterns or big logos. Bring touch-up make-up and hair product, and if in doubt bring several outfits to choose from. If there are little ones in the group, a few toys and snacks can go a long way in keeping them busy when they are not in front of the camera. Having an idea of any sub groupings you want in addition to the large group is helpful.

Senior Portrait – The key to a great session is expressing yourself. In choosing outfits for a session it is important to tell a story about yourself. What are your interests, what is your sense of style? Are you on the cheer squad or the drummer in a punk band. A good session may incorporate several looks or dimensions of your personality. Yes, the other elements still hold true (like white clothing adds weight, so please read the section for engagements as well) but the wardrobe selection for a senior session can be much more stylistic, if you’re into motor cross or equestrian sports, this is a great time to show those passions. Props are also a great element to consider for a session, from a skateboard to an electric guitar, those elements help tell the story.

Singles, Couples & Engagement Sessions – Dress in clothes that are comfortable and allow movement… we will be walking. Choose outfits appropriate for the location. If we have scheduled a beach session, bring a change of clothes, towel and water as you will likely get sandy and possibly wet. Avoid dressing in matching outfits (unless you do so on a regular basis or we are going for a “look”). Choose colors that are in a similar color family, i.e. you are both dressed in blues or earth tones. Avoid busy patterns or big logos. Bring touch-up make-up and hair product, and if in doubt bring several outfits to choose from. For those that are not quite at their ideal fighting weight (and I am one) here is some additional info. Although I will be posing, lighting and sometimes editing you to look your best, there are some things you should know to give you the best results. Ladies, I hate to be the one to say it, but very few girls can pull off the empire waist. In most cases it will look like you are expecting so unless you know that you rock that look, you may want to go a different direction. While on the topic, white adds 10-20lbs, black is slimming and unless your arm is no more than 1/2 the width of your face… sleeveless may not be your friend. Gentlemen, trim hair… wherever it grows (ears and nose are often overlooked and you will see it in photos). Pay attention to your fingernails. Unless you have tickets to “the gun show” or interesting tattoos, avoid sleeveless shirts. If you’re a skinny guy and want to look bigger, wear light colors.